Malawi established the Government and Development Partners’ Committee to create a platform for interface between government and development partners in addressing nutrition issues in the country. The primary role of the committee is to provide policy guidance, direction and to influence budgetary processes for nutrition and to call on each other to be accountable on issues of alignment, harmonization, prioritization and accountability. Accountability includes government’s commitment to global and regional initiatives.  The committee may where necessary form task forces or sub-committees as appropriate to ensure that linkages are enhanced across partners.


Membership to this committee is at high level from Government and Development Partners and comprises the following:

  • Department of Nutrition and HIV and AIDS (DNHA) – chairperson
  • Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development
  • UN-UNDAF Nutrition Cluster (4 Nutrition agency leaders)
  • Bilateral donors
  • Multilateral donors

Scope of work

The Government and Development Partners committee is responsible for:

  • Promoting and identifying funding resources for the nutrition agenda in Malawi
  • Promoting  joint resource mobilization, allocation and support
  • Facilitating service delivery initiatives with required resources
  • Responding to the Government of Malawi’s consolidated nutrition fund requirement
  • Providing direction on policy alignment to MGDS II, MDGs, UNDAF and bilateral and multilateral donor requirements;
  • Identifying and agreeing on Nutrition priorities.
  • Evaluating and aligning development partners’ support towards the Malawi Nutrition Programme.
  • Reviewing Development Partners and Government commitments and engagements.
  • Promoting mutual accountability on financing and implementation of nutrition programmes.

Operational modalities

The Government Development Partners Committee shall meet bi-annually and on an adhoc basis as need arises.  Where required the committee will form sub-committee composed of DNHA and Development Partners.  The subcommittees can meet four times a year with the fourth time leading into the Joint Annual Nutrition Review.


The Government and Development Partners Committee will be led by DNHA and the Co-Chair being the chair of the DONUTS.  Both Chair and Co-Chair will be responsible for chairing and co-chairing committee meetings and following up on decisions and agreed actions

Accountability and reporting

The Chair will be responsible for submitting reports to Government.

Linkages with other coordinating committees

The Government and Development Partners Committee has linkages with the following committees:

  • Principal Secretaries’ Committee on Nutrition
  • National Nutrition Committee
  • Donor Nutrition Security Group
  • HIV and AIDS Development Partners Group
  • Health Donor Group