In order to ensure effective implementation of the National Nutritional response, the DNHA facilitated the establishment of various governance structures to provide oversight functions on policies and resource mobilisation and also to ensure the highest political will.

These structures include: Cabinet Committee on Sustainable Social Development which includes Nutrition, Principal Secretary committee on Nutrition HIV and AIDS, Parliamentary Committee on Nutrition HIV and AIDS, and the Government Development Partners Committee.

Likewise, at technical level, several committees and technical working groups were put in place. These include: National Nutrition Committee under which there are 5 Technical Working Groups, Public Sectors Committee and the Donors Nutrition Security Group (DONUTS).

At District level, the DNHA in collaboration with the, Ministry of Local Government established the District Nutrition Coordinating Committee whose aim is to coordinate the District nutrition response under the leadership of the District Commissioner.

At community level, Area Nutrition Coordinating Committees (ANCC) and Village Nutrition Coordinating Committees (VNCC) whose functions are to coordinate implementation of nutrition interventions at traditional authority and village level respectively.